Devyn Adams Porter is not only the dedicated wife of NFL, Super bowl 44 Champ Tracy Porter, loving mother of two but she is a  "major movement on her own".  Over the last several years Devyn has accomplished and placed her stamp in the entertainment and fashion industry.


Devyn  has  always been an admirer of art and beauty. She started designing unique-styled T-shirts in high school and soon  began selling them to friends and family.


Devyn is  no rookie to the business world, growing up a privileged child, and  working  an apprenticeship in her family's prominent business,  gave her all the ambition for success. While working with the family business Devyn  pursued her career in modeling, arts, commercials and movies. Devyn attended Mike Beaty Model and Talent Expo in Dallas, Texas.


Devyn took it a step farther after her nuptials, and begin to style her husband Tracy Porter, she as well as designed specialty bath robes for the New Orleans Saints.  Her proficient eye in design and style led her to  become a fashion stylist for many upcoming artists in the film and music industry. 


Not only does she strut her stuff,  Devyn is fond of dressing to impress, and she is an advocate for all that beauty stands for!  Over the last year and a half, make-up and beauty became an additional interest. Devyn began to practice on herself, then on others. It would not be long before she produced her own lip line, which is made with all natural ingredients, several vibrant colors rich in pigment.